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Our running list of CA Fwd news coverage, alongside selected items on reform in California.

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Is a Carbon Tax Good for the Economy?

"The simplest way to tax carbon-based fuels is through a gas tax," said Fred Silva, senior fiscal policy advisor for California Forward, a bipartisan organization that focuses on governance reform. The state already has a gas tax, so all it would have to do is simply increase it, said Silva, who attended Tuesday's meeting. Read more

Annual Keenan Summit Addresses Challenges and Opportunities in Health Care

They keynote speaker for the Summit was Fred Keeley who addressed the very timely topic "Is California Governable?" A former member of the California State Assembly, Keeley is a member of the bipartisan Leadership Council for California Forward, a foundation-supported organization whose goal is to improve the state's political, fiscal and governmental systems. Read more

Social Service Cuts Remain Sticking Point with May Ballot Measures

"Many people are very conflicted over what to do with this," said Fred Keeley, a former Assemblyman and board member of budget reform group California Forward. "But there will be pressure in Sacramento on Democrats to continue supporting this." Read more

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