CA Fwd in the News

A running list of coverage of CA Fwd in the news, alongside selected items on reform in California.

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Mercury News editorial

California Forward burst onto the scene in 2007 as a bipartisan project to promote "a viable, inclusive and responsive democracy," improve government and promote investment in the future. Read more

Calif. Lawmakers to Discuss Broad Implications of Nonpartisan Primary at Summit

The subject of California's top-two primary is expected to draw up to 200 people on August 19 in Sacramento. That's when the Independent Voter Project and California Forward are sponsoring a day-long discussion of the electoral reform, which is now five years old. Read more

How Government Can Work Even Better—A Bipartisan View

"There are many issues and problems in California that can be dealt with successfully if we work together in a nonpartisan way." Read more

Let’s encourage debate, not silence opponents

Before the Legislature’s summer recess, the Capitol was buzzing with several legislative committees deciding the fate of dozens of bills. Policy committee work is not glamorous, but it is an essential part of the democratic process that should be respected. Read more

CA Fwd report: The coming revenue debate must look beyond politics

With more than a dozen major tax measures moving through the Legislature or toward the November 2016 ballot, California’s perennial debate about taxes is set to begin anew—with millions of dollars in political campaigns preparing to shape how the state will raise billions of dollars in revenue, and provide public services, for years to come. Read more

Are California top-two primaries transforming state politics?

The nonpartisan or “top-two” primary in California is working and the Golden State has more competitive elections, has increased voter access and a better functioning legislature. Read more

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