CA Fwd in the News

A running list of coverage of CA Fwd in the news, alongside selected items on reform in California.

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California State Budget: Austerity Versus Investment

It’s a real and philosophical question of whether California should save or invest its new funds. Joining us to explain why California needs to save for the future is Fred Silva, Fiscal Analyst for California Forward. Read more

Oakdale Irrigation District ignores voting law

Philip Ung of California Forward, a government watchdog group, said many special districts operate in relative obscurity, with little media attention and public interest. That can make them “able to go a long time without updating their districts,” he said, all the while flouting the law. Read more

Local funding, Common Core combined are ‘extraordinarily ambitious’

For more than three decades, Lenny Mendonca has analyzed big problems and recommended big fixes in government – both for pay, as a senior executive with the Washington, D.C., and San Francisco offices of McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm, and now as an adviser and board member of a dozen nonprofit organizations. Read more

Poll: Californians say voter turnout a big problem, support election reforms

Californians are concerned about the state’s abysmal voter turnout and seem ready to try some different solutions to increase participation. Read more

To lead on climate change, California must also lead on poverty reduction: Guest commentary

California is adding leadership in the fight against global climate change to its worldwide resume. As historic drought ravages the state, that seems like a rational and righteous priority. The centerpiece of that effort is AB 32, the 2006 state law that set the goal of reducing the state’s carbon emissions to 1990 levels by 2020. Read more

Op-ed: Governor’s budget is good news – not because it’s bigger but because it’s better

For almost 20 years, California’s state budget has been locked in the same cycle: In bad times, governors divide the pain. When dollars are flowing again, they divide the spoils—often at the cost of the state’s long-term fiscal stability. Read more

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