CA Fwd in the News

A running list of coverage of CA Fwd in the news, alongside selected items on reform in California.

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Part 5: Spend unexpected revenues in ways that will make money in lean times

CA Fwd encouraged lawmakers this week to be cautious over the next month as they hammer out next year’s budget. Revenues are up—too much to be sustainable—and government has some huge financial obligations on the horizon. Read more

Spend growing revenues on reducing growing cost drivers

While the Boom, Bust, Repeat? series has highlighted lessons learned from the last 15 years of frustrating fiscal choices, there is another reason to be cautious about using this year’s revenue windfall to spend money on new ongoing programs: In future years, much of that money is already spoken for. Read more

Timm Herdt: Making government more like Google

Phillip Ung, the former spokesman at California Common Cause now with the reform group California Forward, says he’s tried to persuade the Legislature itself to develop and finance such a system to make state government more transparent and accessible to citizens. “I was told it was too complicated, too expensive and not a priority,” he said. Read more

Budget rules will drive where much of the extra money goes—but not how it will be spent

After more than a decade of revenue booms and busts, it feels like déjà vu all over again—with tax receipts coming in as much as $4 billion higher than expected and almost that many ideas for how to spend it. Read more

Boom, Bust, Repeat? Part 2: This is a boom, and it should be treated as a boom

A few weeks after Tax Day—and only a week before the governor releases his revised May budget—California finds itself in an enviable position. After years of cuts and fiscal strain during the Great Recession, the recovery is finally at hand: In March, California employers were responsible for one out of every three new jobs in the country and with tech and other industries expanding, revenues are climbing as much as $4 billion more than expected. Read more

Revenues may be rolling in—for now—but state budget must heed lessons of past

As the Governor prepares an updated budget proposal, the expanding recovery is pushing state revenues ever higher—perhaps $4 billion over this year’s budget. Read more

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