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The coming tidal wave: What does California’s huge voter registration surge mean on Nov 6?

Well over three quarters of the eligible voters in California registered to vote, or about 18.2 million people in total, according to an official statement released by Secretary of State Debra Bowen's office. Although the approximately 986,000 new voters who registered in the 45 days prior to the October 22 deadline doesn't surpass 2008's record 1.2 million tally in the same timeframe, this year's surge is still significant and the overall number does represent a new record total. Read more

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California group poised to work on voter IDs this week, but not in California

One hot button issue has been the requirement that voters have official identification in order to vote. 30 states now have those requirements, although the largest state, California, does not. Read more

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How much did the Top Two Primary change California elections?

What impact is California’s new Top Two Primary law really going to have on California politics? It’s a question that will be better answered after Tuesday’s election, but there’s no doubt it has changed the political landscape of California. Read more

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Asian American Communities in California get help before heading to the polls

Twenty two national Asian Pacific Islander American organizations have joined forces to create the first comprehensive overview on nine critical California ballot measures. Read more

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Voting tech: We’ve come a long way since hanging chads

This year, as in every other important election year, there has been quite a bit of discussion about the status of the nation’s elections process and the potential for voting system failure. The good news is that, according to a new report by the Caltech-MIT Voting Technology Project, voting technology has come along way since the infamous “hanging chads” fiasco of 2000. Read more

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Central Valley voter registration numbers, like rest of CA, see spikes

In San Joaquin County, about 3,500 to 4,000 online registrations came in on Monday, October 22—the final day to register to vote in California. “That’s exceedingly large,” said San Joaquin County Registrar of Voters, Austin Erdman. Read more

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California voter registration sees record efforts on college campuses

Student organizations spearheading voter registration efforts on California State and University of California campuses this cycle registered almost 70,000 students, significantly besting respective efforts in 2008. Read more

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California elected leaders—not always open and transparent about their voting record

The Associated Press, this week, reported exclusively that it had analyzed every vote cast during the 2012 session and discovered California Assembly members changed and added their votes to legislation more than 5,000 times. Read more

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California voter registration en route to a record

Over 1 million Californians filed voter applications online this fall and over 380,000 of them have already been qualified. All told nearly 700,000 Californians registered to vote in the 45 days leading up to the October 22nd deadline. Read more

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Top Two Primary system and redistricting cause of heated California Congressional Race?

If you pay any attention to politics in California, here are two words for you: Berman-Sherman. Read more

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