Californians Weigh In On Budget Reform


SACRAMENTO – As the state’s gubernatorial candidates face off in debates in advance of the November election, Californians across the state are answering a call from California Forward to use this opportunity to share their thoughts on budget reform.


This week’s first debate between Meg Whitman and Attorney General Jerry Brown also marked the launch of California Forward’s effort to engage with Californians and elicit their input and support for budget reform. Nearly 150 people expressed their views via a website and telephone in just the first few hours of the campaign.

Addressed to “Dear Future Governor of California,” some of these views included:

          “Farmers know there will be good crops and not-so-good crops. When they have a good year, they don’t go on a spending spree. They pay down debt or save the extra income to get them through the not-so-good years. The state (and the federal government, for that matter) should do likewise.”-Jim Carlisle of Meadow Vista, California

            “Please let's not debate over sound bites and wedge issues. The state is sinking in debt and partisanship. It needs sound fiscal management more than anything else! Tax and spend is no better than borrow and spend. We need compromise and responsibility. Please be honest and show leadership to solve our real problems.”-Rich Mallory of Orangevale, California

            “Your effectiveness will depend on how well you capitalize on the emerging green economy to bring investment in clean energy and job creation. This will allow California to continue to be a leader in environmental policy, while stimulating our economy and putting our people back to work.”-Chris Sentieri of Moss Landing, California

California Forward will carry the effort through to the next gubernatorial debate, set for Saturday in Fresno. An ad highlighting California Forward’s pursuit of budget reform and providing the website and telephone number for public comments – and (559) 272-0969 – will appear in that morning’s Fresno Bee.

A non-profit, non-partisan organization, California Forward has created a set of principles based on the best practices of other states and successful businesses to reform California’s budget process. The organization is launching an ambitious and unprecedented effort to engage with Californians across the state to elicit their input and support.

The group is working to build support for its reform principles in anticipation of its sister organization, the California Forward Action Fund, placing a related measure on the ballot.

To add your voice to the debate over budget reform visit or call (559) 272-0969

The full text of the newspaper ad is below:

Dear Future Governor of California:

It's time to tell California where you stand on fiscal reform.

How will you set clear goals for every major program -- and mend or end what doesn’t work?

How will you restore accountability and oversight to state operations?

How will you set reserves aside during good times to guard against economic downturns?

How will you ensure passage of fiscally responsible budgets on time?

How will you keep government from making promises it can’t afford to keep?

You can tell the next Governor how to fix California.

Go to to read our letter to the candidates and call (559) 272-0969 to leave your message.

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