Californians Weigh in on Government Reform

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FRESNO – Local leaders and reform advocates, including Fresno Business Council CEO Deb Nankivell, California Forward Leadership Council Members Sunne Wright McPeak and Pete Weber and Feleena Sutton, gathered in Fresno Thursday, Feb. 10, to discuss California Forward’s Idea Map project, which gathered thousands of ideas from average citizens for fixing California – ideas that the nonpartisan reform organization will be sharing with Governor Brown in Sacramento. 

California Forward’s leadership believes that the solutions to California’s chronic governance problems will not come from the fulltime politics of Sacramento but from the millions of Californians across the state who see the effects of those problems every day. 

“Californians believe that our state is broken but fixable,” said Pete Weber of California Forward. “We need solutions that come from outside of Sacramento and this Ideas Map represents the collective thinking of hundreds of smart Californians. Our elected officials must listen to their constituents to build trust so we can move toward meaningful reforms.”

California Forward solicited the ideas of hundreds of Californians over the last six months and put them in an online “idea map” accessible at After the ideas presenting the ideas in Fresno, California Forward will submit them to Governor Brown and members of the Legislature to facilitate conversation on how best to fix our state and ensure a more prosperous future.

“California Forward thinks that government works best when it is close to the people,” said Sunne Wright -McPeak. “Those closest to the problems are best-equipped to solve them and we hope that Governor Brown and the Legislature listen to these ideas submitted by constituents while working together to address our budget crisis.”

California Forward, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, is working to bring government closer to the people. We believe empowered local communities are best equipped to solve their own problems.

We are committed to partnering with others across the state to develop our Fiscal Reform, Operational Reform, and Democracy Reform efforts. We are also engaging in a statewide conversation on reform, Speak Up CA, in which citizens across the state will be given an opportunity to learn more and help shape our reform proposals.

California Forward is supported or endorsed by an unprecedented diversity of more than 200 business, labor, faith, and community organizations from all over the state.

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