Diverse Coalition to Defend Voters’ Right to Keep California Politicians Honest

Keep Voters First (No on Prop 27) campaign launches website; social media profiles

Sacramento, CA – The Keep Voters First (No on Proposition 27) campaign today announced a broad coalition in opposition to Prop 27, a measure on the November 2010 ballot that would eliminate the independent Citizens
Redistricting Commission and return the power to draw state legislative districts to politicians.

“In 2008, Californians voted for Prop 11 to change the status quo and allow voters to choose their representatives rather than letting politicians choose their voters,” said Janis R. Hirohama, president of the League of Women Voters of California. “Now these same politicians and their special interest friends are trying to turn back the clock with a deceptive ballot measure that would allow them to draw their own district lines, virtually guaranteeing their reelection. Voters should reject this obvious attempt to undo the progress Californians clearly support and vote No on Prop 27.”

“California faces serious problems – legislative stalemates, budget deficits, and education cuts to name a few,” said Jeannine English, member of AARP’s national Board of Directors. “We must stop Prop 27 and hold politicians
accountable when they fail to address the most pressing issues facing California today.”

The coalition is comprised of organizations such as the League of Women Voters of California, AARP, California Common Cause, the California Forward Action Fund, California NAACP, the National Federation of Independent
Business/California, and the California Chamber of Commerce (for a full list, please visit: http://www.KeepVotersFirst.org).

“We’re proud to be part of such a diverse and remarkable coalition to stop Prop 27,” said Kathay Feng, executive director of California Common Cause. “I think it speaks volumes that our organizations have once again come together  to stop this blatant power grab and finally hold our politicians accountable with fair elections.”

The coalition also announced the creation of a website (http://www.KeepVotersFirst.org), Twitter profile (http://www.Twitter.com/KeepVotersFirst) and Facebook profile (http://www.Facebook.com/pages/No-on-Prop-

“Our campaign will harness the power of sites like Facebook and Twitter to help educate the public and mobilize opponents of Prop 27,” said Zabrae Valentine, executive director of the California Forward Action Fund.
“KeepVotersFirst.org will serve as a clearinghouse of information, commentary and the latest news and developments as we work together to stop Prop 27.”

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Keep Voters First (No on Prop 27) is a diverse coalition of organizations dedicated to ensuring that California has fair election districts, so voters have a voice in elections and can hold politicians accountable. Voting No on Prop 27 will preserve voter-approved reforms, let the independent Citizens Redistricting commission draw fair election districts and keep the voters in charge. For more information, visit: http://www.KeepVotersFirst.org, www.twitter.com/KeepVotersFirst, and http://www.Facebook.com/pages/No-on-Prop-27/151465204893663.

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