John Guenther

Digital Manager

John Guenther is Digital Manager at CA Fwd and the California Economic Summit. John develops and manages all CA Fwd’s digital communications efforts across all content channels, including blogs, videos, social media and the CAeconomy Connection newsletter.

Prior to joining CA Fwd, he earned a graduate degree from the Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism at USC and was a Carnegie-Knight Fellow on the News21 project.


New Valley Vision CEO brings focus on regional stewardship to Sacramento area nonprofit

Evan Schmidt takes over during a critical moment for the economic future of the region Read More

California Cradle-to-Career Collaborative pivots to COVID-19 Response

Coalition will turn to solving how to continue vital services for families and students Read More

Newsom Budget Points to a Regional, Inclusive Way Forward

Funds supporting a regions-up approach to solving problems aligns with CA Fwd and Summit priorities Read More

VIDEO: CA Leaders Applaud CA Economic Summit

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2019 Summit video recap: Capturing the energy of the largest Summit so far

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Regional leaders gathered in Bakersfield to share with state officials what the area economy has to offer Read More

VIDEO: California’s economic initiative Regions Rise Together lifts off in San Bernardino

Leaders from the Inland Empire talk about the local assets and challenges and what the State can do to boost the region's economy Read More

VIDEO: How California business and nonprofits are adapting post-wildfires

Disasters have become part of the new normal, but the lessons learned by the public and private sectors are invaluable Read More

LISTEN: Newsom economic chief Lenny Mendonca talks taxes and beer with Capitol Weekly

Former CA Fwd co-chair featured on podcast, discussing reinventing economic development and the future of California's high speed rail Read More

VIDEO: CA Economic Summit aiming to renew the promise of a CA Dream for all

The 2018 Summit came to wildfire-ravaged Sonoma County to talk about building resilience across every region of California Read More

VIDEO: CA Economic Summit brings together California leaders in divisive times

Watch leaders from around the state talk about the value of the Summit during the 2018 statewide gathering Read More

VIDEO: How bridging the early childhood care gap helps elevate California

Expanding early education helps low-income families facing tough decisions on childcare, say advocates Read More

Registration opens for 2018 California Economic Summit

Seventh annual statewide gathering, co-organized by CA Fwd, takes on state's upward mobility, housing, workforce challenges Read More

VIDEO: Candidates for California governor set sights on the housing crisis

As prices skyrocket, gubernatorial candidates share a game plan for more affordable housing Read More

WATCH: Economic Summit aims to make California more resilient

2018 will see renewed focus on lifting up more more Californians including those hit by disasters & economic dislocation Read More

VIDEO: Candidates for governor share ideas to revive the deferred CA Dream

Top candidates talk role of higher education and workforce training in combating poverty  Read More

Moving CA Fwd through the California Economic Summit

Recap of this year's Summit and a look ahead to next year Read More

VIDEO: Retooling California schools to spark upward mobility

We asked about the importance of improving education so today's students do better than previous generations Read More

California lawmakers scrutinized on complying with voter-approved transparency law

CA Fwd encourages a responsible reading of law intended to prevent last-minute bill changes Read More

California Economic Summit presents new housing series A Way Home for CA

Stories will highlight the cost of the housing crisis and how cities are working to solve the problem themselves Read More

VIDEO: How data can link money, influence and legislation in state politics

Bringing money in state politics into the light expands voter knowledge Read More

California election leaders stay focused on reform in politically charged era

Future of California Elections coalition gathered to talk big changes ahead in how California votes Read More

VIDEO: James Fallows on America’s split image of itself

Touring country by small plane, author finds many hold grim view of nation but are optimistic about their community Read More

VIDEO: FEC’s Ann Ravel decries dysfunction and gridlock in federal government

CA Fwd talks future of political reform with political watchdog commissioner who submitted resignation this week Read More

Summit opening video sums up 2016 progress, kicks off 2017 work ahead

Opening video and closing words of this year's CA Economic Summit supplied springboard for solving big problems Read More

VIDEO: Why California’s housing crisis needs all hands on deck

Expert shares ideas about what it will take for California to match scale of housing crisis Read More

VIDEO: The Maddy Report previews 2016 California Economic Summit

CA Fwd President Jim Mayer breaks down the Summit and its mission dedicated to California's regional economies Read More

VIDEO: California’s affordable housing crisis from residents’ perspective

Two formerly homeless Californians share their story about getting into permanent housing and the need for more Read More

VIDEO: Watch webinar intro to project simplifying California’s Political Reform Act

Introductory video lays out the goals and timeline to modernize the states political ethics law and how the public can participate Read More

CA Fwd’s Eloy Oakley named chancellor of the California Community Colleges system

Innovative leader in public higher education will become the first Latino to helm the 113-college system Read More

VIDEO: Matching scale of California’s housing crisis requires all-of-the-above strategy

Coalition making case for tackling housing affordability and supply for more Californians Read More

CA Fwd partners with watchdog agency to modernize California’s landmark political ethics law

Project to streamline and simplify California's Political Reform Act will make it easier to understand, comply with, and enforce the 41-year-old ethics law. Read More

VIDEO: Innovative program shows way to graduation, not incarceration

Partnership with community college helps formerly incarcerated students with housing and support to succeed and not return to jail. Read More

VIDEO: What leaders are saying about the California Economic Summit

At CA Fwd's Economic Summit, leaders from around the state told us what they thought of the Summit process and its priorities for the coming year. Read More

Recipe for strong a California economy includes one million more skilled workers

Challenge to find enough skilled workers to fill high-pay jobs represents one of the three big challenges to be featured at California Economic Summit.  Read More

VIDEO: Is California’s nonpartisan primary having a positive effect on politics?

Elected officials and election experts weigh in on the Top Two primary at event that took stock of the election reform approved by voters five years ago.  Read More

Elections summit takes stock of California’s nonpartisan top-two primary reform

The question of the day in Sacramento was whether California's open primary reform was reducing partisan gridlock and creating more competitive elections.  Read More

VIDEO: California proposal to expand voting options takes cues from Colorado

Watch author of election modernization law talk about reforms that helped boost Colorado's voter turnout, ideas that prompted a new proposed reform bill supported by California's elections chief.  Read More

Survey: Californians face knowledge gap of school funding reform but support grows when gap closed

Many parents surveyed said they received no information on participating in LCFF process but there's support for the goals and funding to close achievement gaps in California schools. Read More

VIDEO: California chief justice and state elections chief on increasing voter turnout

State officials addressed elections conference on boosting civic education and voter turnout in California Read More

CA Fwd data summit pushes forward cause of California open data policy

Attendees brainstormed on how to put value on wealth of data and Assembly member intro'd new open data legislation Read More

VIDEO: CA Fwd webinar Engaging the Community in Public Safety Realignment

Playback of recent webinar on how counties can effectively engage the public with their realignment efforts in order to improve the community-based approach to public safety. Read More

California elections officials, voting advocates tackle low voter turnout

Elections conference takes up elections nuts-and-bolts issues like access and turnout numbers, like the mere 8.2% of young Californians who voted in November 2014. Read More

WEBINAR: Engaging the community in public safety realignment

Free CA Fwd webinar will discuss how counties can effectively engage the public with their realignment efforts in order to improve the community-based approach to public safety. Read More

California task force to close skills gap gets to work

CA Fwd's Jim Mayer and others assemble to help state's community colleges connect workforce training with industry skill needs. Read More

Cities weigh economic impact and barriers of open data movement

When open data advocates talk about the potential economic impact of the movement, it's clear there are big benefits and barriers for cities in California--except for the barrier of not knowing about the open data movement. Read More

VIDEO: Helping social entrepreneurs create more impact

Summit event in Los Angeles brainstormed ideas for boosting impact economy. Read More

VIDEO: Millennials face uphill battle in today’s economy

We asked a gathering of sub-40-year-old representatives from a range of public policy groups to give us a rundown of those problems and where the opportunities are for fixing them. Read More

New data shows strong support Proposition 1, gains for Proposition 2

It's less than two weeks from the election and neither the drought, the support for the state water bond seem, or interest in beefing up the state's budget reserve seem to be waning much.  Read More

Reader Poll: Millennials optimistic about future but down on present economy

The biggest, most diverse generation has witnessed the boom and bust of recent years. Not surprisingly, they're worried about their economic future. An economic summit in Los Angeles this week looked to start a conversation on making a difference in that outlook. Read More

Economic Summit Day 1: A social media summary

A brief glimpse into what attendees were saying on social media during the second annual California Economic Summit Read More

Speaker Perez’s AB 53 would create economic development plan for California

Legislation informed by the California Forward Action Fund and the California Economic Summit moving through Assembly Read More

Forward Thinker: How Larry Gerston would fix California

Larry Gerston, author and California politics expert, sits down with California Forward Executive Director Jim Mayer to discuss what why our Golden State isn’t shining anymore and how more people can get involved and engaged. Read More

Social media highlights & lowlights in California election campaign

With more people consuming media online and watching live TV less, we roundup what kind of social media campaigns the big money bought in the California proposition races.  Read More

California voting upgrades just in time for social media blitz for registration

Pressing the case for voter registration, social media users made #925NVRD a trending topic online Read More

California Economy: Housing market on the rebound

Will a rebounding housing market lead to a rash of new jobs in the Golden State? Read More

California Economy: Community colleges look to close workforce skills gap

Dubbing the initiative “Critical Conversations,” California’s Community College system is calling on the public to talk up how to better align college training programs with the needs of the state’s varied economic regions Read More

Voting online not ready to solve low turnout

Why we still vote on paper in the Social Media Age Read More

Smart cities, you’d better shop around for solutions

If someone needs to fix a computer or find the best deal on a plane ticket, it only takes a quick Google search. But where can cities go to find the best deal on fixing their traffic problems? Read More

Just Hanging Out: Governing by webcam

The Presidential Google town hall held last week might end up as just another a tech gimmick to spread messaging. But, if used effectively, Google's Hangouts could help local governments to not only become more transparent but more interactive on the web. Read More