People from all over community take part in Central Valley dialogue

Attendees overwhelmingly agreed that their trust in government is low, because government has separated itself from the best interests of its people... Read More

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Attorneys concerned about resources and self-interest if government close to people

The American Constitution Society (ACS) Bay Area Lawyer Chapter enjoyed an engaging participatory discussion co-sponsored and facilitated by California Forward...  Read More

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LA Dialogue Focuses on Bolstering Knowledge and Civic Strength

Knowledge and civic involvement could help voters understand the inner workings of government and give people more realistic expectations – that was a common theme that emerged at California Forward’s most recent civic dialogue in downtown Los Angeles.  Read More

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Community engagement in action at SF Speak Up CA Dialogue

On Tuesday, I attended an event to bring people together to think about how to reform California. The event -- “Speak Up, CA!” -- was part of a series of 250 conversations that... Read More

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CA gets D+ for transparency

California has received a near failing grade for transparency of government, ranking 31 out of all 50 states... Read More

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Field Poll: Voters willing to approve June election, tax and fee extensions

Californians say they want a special election to decide for themselves on Governor Brown’s plans to help bring the state’s budget into balance, and they are inclined to support tax extensions... Read More

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CA Fwd partners with SCLN for important SoCal dialogue series

California Forward has partnered with two major organizations to host an important series of events throughout Southern California in March on fixing our state government. Read More

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Let’s make Merced better

It's time for a change at our state government. If you're like me -- and I think most people are -- you are probably wondering why our state Capitol is such a mess... Read More

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Californians want real solutions

After four consecutive years of budget deficits, Californians are wise to the accounting gimmicks and short-term fillers that keep California lurching from budget year to budget year without the kind of stable system in place that protects the programs they need and want. Read More

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Is anyone listening?

Californians are humbled by the opportunities and challenges we face. The financial crisis has greatly impacted philanthropy, the non-profit sector, our public education system... Read More

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Are you a Forward Thinker?

California Forward introduces Forward Thinkers - people across the state who have stepped in where the government has left off, to help improve their community - and yours. Read More

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Getting results on governance reform: OC turns red tape into red carpet

Orange County has the lowest unemployment rate of any metropolitan area in California, and the third lowest unemployment rate in the nation.When California Forward approached OCBC to host a civic forum about what it would take to help the state in reforming the way it governs, we said, “You came to the right place.” Read More

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Letter to the Editor: GOP’s budget vision

Dan Walters' March 5 column is right in stating that Republicans have significant leverage to influence the outcome of state budget negotiations. But the thoughtful Republicans... Read More

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Counties group support Gov. Brown’s realignment plan

The California State Association of Counties released a letter this afternoon expressing support for Gov. Jerry Brown's plan to move state services to the counties... Read More

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Action Fund, civic leadership organizations urge long-term fiscal reform

The California Forward Action Fund joined 18 other civic leadership organizations around the state in urging Governor Brown to enact long-term fiscal reform as part of any budget solution addressing the immediate fiscal crisis. Read More

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Californians want trustworthy solutions

California once again is struggling with how to cure a large budget deficit. The borrowing and the accounting gimmicks used in previous years are no longer an option...  Read More

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Budget reform that brings accountability and openness to state government

As California confronts another year of wrenching financial challenges, it is time for state legislators to make good on their pledge to make bold changes to the way our state operates... Read More

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Restrained optimism at Marin County dialogue

As each day passes without action, California slips deeper into the crisis in which it is mired. As Governor Brown and lawmakers debate about the budget and reform in Sacramento, people across the state are weighing in with their own ideas through California Forward's Speak Up CA Dialogues.  Read More

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Attendees delve deeper into restructuring at 2nd CA Fwd Stakeholder Roundtable

As the governor and lawmakers debate over the best way to get California back on track, people from all over the state have taken the next step in a critical discussion... Read More

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California’s Future center stage at UCLA Plato Society event

The state of our state and how to find a better future for the tens of millions of people who call California home was the subject of a special meeting in Los Angeles over the weekend...  Read More

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