The Conversation: Can California be pulled from the brink?

California has long been the bellwether for the United States as a whole. Indeed, as the world's eighth-largest economy that is home to Hollywood and Google... Read More

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Brown says California needs restructuring

As he inherits California's chronic budget problems, Gov. Jerry Brown says he wants to try a new approach to dealing with the state's massive deficits: a broad restructuring of the relationship between the state and local governments... Read More

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The Path Forward

Californians want a path forward - one right step after another. We need to stop the bleeding and start the healing, make government work again, and support... Read More

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Can a two-year budget help solve California’s financial woes?

The direness of California's budget crisis has one silver lining: efforts to reform state government are finally gaining traction with voters and lawmakers... Read More

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Five changes Californians must approve for reforms

As California begins another year with a huge budget deficit, let me make some predictions. Before the confetti from the New Year's party hits the floor, the Legislature will slide into its time-honored gridlock... Read More

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Silicon Valley to Jerry Brown: We need a game changer

"Game changers." In Silicon Valley, we use this term for cutting-edge products and processes that leapfrog the competition... Read More

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What can Brown do for California?

Next week, Jerry Brown will take the helm of the maligned entity known as the Golden State. Much of the state's glimmer has been lost since the last time... Read More

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News and views on Schwarzenegger’s legacy

Over the last few weeks, much has been written about our current Governor's legacy and the recall election which swept him into office... Read More

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Raising the bar and setting expectations for California higher education

Concern increases daily among soon-to-be high school graduates, their parents, the more than 670,000 current University of California and California State University students, and millions of Californians, as they watch... Read More

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2011 Bay Area economy: Glimmers amid gloom

As we wrap up 2010 and prepare to enter 2011, The Bay Citizen's Jonathan Weber breaks down the good and the bad for the Bay Area (and California) economy. Read More

Happy Holidays from CA FWD!

2010 has brought with it some exciting and real steps toward repairing our broken government - from the top two open primary to a reaffirmation of redistricting. We look forward to continuing down the path to a shinier Golden State in 2011 – with your help, your ideas, and your support. Read More

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Despite fee hikes, UC still cheaper than prison

Even with the latest tuition increase, a year at Cal is still cheaper than a year at San Quentin. Read More

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No change in number of CA Congressional seats

The California Citizens Redistricting Commission now knows exactly how many Congressional districts it will need to draw. Read More

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CA Fwd’s Bob Hertzberg discusses governance and reform

The future of reform in California was the primary focus of a special panel at the "California's Future" conference, hosted by the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC)... Read More

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$10,000: One man’s repayment for CA unemployment benefits

Just in time for the holidays comes this story of a former Californian who wanted to show his appreciation to the Golden State for helping get him through a hard time... Read More

California Supreme Court won’t block Proposition 14

Today it was announced that the California Supreme Court has decided not to hear a request to block the state's new election process. Read More

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Redistricting panel chosen

The original eight members of the Citizens Redistricting Commission have now selected the remaining six commissioners... Read More

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Brand new world

Welcome to the new! As you can see, things are brand new around here. We've shifted to a new design and a new set of informational and interactive features to make it easier ... Read More

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Making CA work better: A Q&A with CA Fwd’s Jim Mayer

As California Forward connects with thousands of people across the state about reform ideas to help repair our government, Executive Director Jim Mayer discusses what CA Fwd wants to do and how Californians can take part ... Read More

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Public can weigh in on proposed choices for remaining Citizens Redistricting commissioners

The current eight members of the Citizens Redistricting Commission met on Friday to choose the remaining six commissioners, for a total of 14. The six will be chosen from ... Read More

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