Oakland makes another step in the direction of digital citizen engagement

The city of Oakland made it easier for citizens to get simple answers to the most frequently asked questions with a new online tool called Oakland Answers.  Read More

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Public Records Act critical to transparency in California

The public still needs a clear and affirmative right to request information. Read More

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California Legislature reverses itself on altering California Public Records Act

“To be clear, this means that the California Public Records Act will remain intact without any changes as part of the budget – consistent with the Assembly’s original action.”  Read More

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Bringing data to the people

The State Controller recently spoke with California Forward at the second annual Silicon Valley Regional Economic Forum. He discussed his new plans to bring more data to the people. Read More

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California Legislature digressing on transparency and open data

The legislature recently took one step forward and two steps back on the road towards greater transparency in California. Read More

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Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom on the importance of Open Data

We caught up with Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom earlier this week at the "Forum on How Government Can Evolve to Harness the Digital Age Revolution" and asked him a few questions about the importance of Open Data to California's future prosperity Read More

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Big transparency win by California Legislature

The budget bill was made public on Tuesday, while its more than 20 “trailer bills” -- the detailed bills that make the budget a reality -- were posted online the over the following 2 days Read More

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Gaining access to Cal-Access

The Public Policy Institute of California hosted an event this week in San Francisco focused on the future of California’s elections Read More

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New survey reveals disconnect between Californians and state government

Conducted by the California Business Roundtable and Pepperdine University, parts of the survey discuss disconnects on budget issues and how much bang for their buck taxpayers believe they are getting Read More

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Combo of record spending and low turnout in LA mayoral race sees 87 dollars spent per vote

Los Angeles mayoral race may have had the lowest turnout since '30s. Read More

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Transparency train keeps rolling with President’s open data executive order

President Barack Obama issued a historic executive order and new open data policy making vast troves of previously inaccessible government data available for public scrutiny and use. Read More

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Walnut Creek thinks outside the transparency box with new Budget Story

The Budget Story carefully lays out Walnut Creek’s finances in a way that’s visually appealing and easy to grasp – it’s more magazine than textbook. Read More

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Sen. Leland Yee speaks on voting & civic education

Were able to ask State Sen. Leland Yee (D - San Francisco) about his views on some vital topics on the FOCE’s agenda. Read More

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Is the state Medical Board doing enough?

Wouldn't you like to know if your doctor is qualified, licensed and generally up to snuff? Read More

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San Francisco commits to open data

In 2010, San Francisco leaders passed the city’s first open data ordinance, which essentially said that “as a city we should consider any and encourage the release of data by our various city agencies.” Read More

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Interview with Chris Emami, author of Anaheim campaign finance report

Less than 10 percent of California cities make campaign finance and candidate filings available online.  Read More

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California gets dismal grade from U.S. PIRG in government transparency

According to the annual “Following the Money” report, having dropped from 43rd to 49th place, California is only slightly more open about how it spends money than North Dakota.  Read More

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San Jose sets example of better, honest government after court ruling

City officials' texts, emails, and electronic communications will be made part of the public record Read More

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The State of Transparency in California: 2013

California Forward Wednesday released the State of Transparency in California, an analysis which explores the core issues of governmental accountability and transparency in the Golden State. Read More

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California community colleges scorecard aims for higher transparency and accountability

For those interested in higher education, when it comes time, choosing the right institution is a tough decision. Read More

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