09/26/2012 by John Guenther

California voting upgrades just in time for social media blitz for registration

The Twitterverse lit up Tuesday with social media users of all sorts, from Glenn Beck to Flo Rida, encouraging people to go register to vote ASAP. 

It was National Voter Registration Day and people tweeted and retweeted reminders and scary stats about voting in the U.S., like 50 percent of Americans don't know their state's registration deadline (psst...California's is October 22) and more than half of young voters who voted in 2008 don't know their registration status.

The #925NVRD hastag was trending in a big way on social media, so much so that spambots picked up on it and were spamming fake tweets about meeting an alien and "taking a flight across the universe."

Luckily, we in California can take advantage of this social media push, now that we finally have online voter registration and also the Governor signed a bill this week to allow same-day registration in future elections.

To many, the prospect of having to hunt down a registration booth or mail in a form is about as exciting as having to check voicemail on their cell phone or calling customer service. Online registration is a no-brainer. In Arizona the percent of registered people aged 18-24 jumped from 29 percent in 2000 to 53 percent in 2008, thanks in part to a new online system.

Now that we have online registration, it's also a no-brainer to maximize social media to boost registration even more for all ages. Check out what was going on Tuesday in the social media-verse:

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