01/31/2011 by Jonathan Weber

Few Californians understand the state’s tax system. Fact.

In this enlightening column from the Bay Citizen, Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Weber breaks down some Facts vs. Myths in the debate about California's fiscal mess.  

"Buried in a major new poll on Californians' attitudes toward government is a finding that explains many things: Only six percent of adults can identify where the bulk of the state's money comes from, and how it is spent.

If you don't understand the tax system, or how your tax dollars are being used, you're not going to be very comfortable with tax increases, or spending cuts, or anything else politicians might do to try to solve the state budget crisis. 

But you can't blame the public for not being able to follow the money. State and local finance in the state has become so byzantine that even the professionals barely understand it."

Jonathan Weber Jonathan is Editor-in-Chief of The Bay Citizen. Before joining as the founding editor of The Bay Citizen, Jonathan served as CEO and editor-in-chief of New West Publishing, the Missoula, Montana-based media company that he founded.

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