Brandon Shamim


Name:  Brandon Shamim
Hometown:  Los Angeles
Profession:  President/CEO Beacon Management Group

“My name is Brandon Shamim, in order to push California forward, people need to be open to being open.”

Brandon Shamim was born abroad and has lived in three different parts of the U.S, but he understands why California is called the Golden State.

“This state represents the hopes, dreams, aspirations of really what defines America-- the land of boundless opportunity, unceasing passion and a desire to succeed despite the odds,” he says.

Shamim is a self-made entrepreneur. His 15-year-old business consulting firm focuses on strategy, analysis and organizational development.

He knows our state faces many challenges right now, but he believes it can still illuminate.  How? “Innovation is the key.”

“We need to create more of an opportunity for people to navigate between what it takes to bring the dream and vision” to life, says Shamim.

These are the tools our local and state governments need for us to succeed.

“The one thing that befuddles our government is not wanting to be inventive, innovative,” says Shamim. “Municipalities as well as our state leaders need to have a reform-minded agenda, creating policies that can do a couple of things: 1) promoting our future, and 2) recognizing that economics is really the heart and soul of the state.”

Shamim also serves on the city of L.A.’s Commission of Revenue Efficiency, where transparency and accountability are key points in saving the city money and finding out where that money can be redistributed.

Shamim says communities need to recalibrate their thinking and expectations and get rid of the idea that simply dreaming it will make it a reality.

“Change takes a lot of passion, dedication and hard work.  We need to be resolute, resilient, but also very committed to a purpose.”