Donna Myrow


Donna Myrow
Hometown: Los Angeles
Profession: Executive Director and Publisher, LA Youth Newspaper

"My name is Donna Myrow, and I help students find and share their voice."

Donna Myrow has spent the past 25 years passionately running L.A. Youth, a newspaper written and edited by teenagers for teenagers.

Donna remembers the exact day her vision for L.A. Youth came to her: January 11th, 1988.

“I was driving listening to the radio and I heard that the U.S. Supreme Court struck down press rights giving school administrators the power to censor student newspapers. I decided at that moment to start a newspaper.”

Donna says she was encouraged to start one in Los Angeles, where she was a teacher and community organizer. “I said, ‘no you can’t in L.A. There’s too much sprawl. There’s poor public transportation. Impossible.” 

That afternoon she gathered 15 teens around her kitchen table. “I told them we were going to work on stories and in 6 weeks we would publish our first edition of L.A. Youth - And we did.” 

L.A. Youth has a dual mission: to train students in critical thinking, writing skills, and literacy; and to provide peer-written information for a young audience that has little faith in the mass media’s ability to reflect its concerns.