Mica Guillen-Campos


Mica Guillen-Campos
Hometown: Reedley
Profession: Caterer

"My name is Mica Guillen-Campos, and I believe helping others and giving are keys to fulfillment."

The Central Valley is home to the farms and farm workers that supply produce for the nation. However, the recent drought and recession have left many of these workers without a job and in need of food themselves.

"We are experiencing a hunger crisis in our own backyard that is getting very little attention from our government," said Guillen-Campos. As a professional caterer for many years, Guillen-Campos knew she had the tools to help feed the hungry in her community of Selma. In 2007, she started a ministry called Miracles in Community, using her personal catering truck to spend up to 60 hours each week making food donations. "

"I recently helped organize a food give-away in Selma that benefited over 7,000 men, women and children," said Guillen-Campos. "There was a sea of people in line for food at 3 am; that's an image I'll never forget."

Guillen-Campos is frustrated not only with the lack of state funding to feed the hungry in California, but also with the government's financial decisions.

"Our biggest obstacle is government itself," she added. "There is only so much we can do and in the end, many people are paying the price for choices the government is making. People are without homes and without jobs. It's the people who are suffering the consequences."

A big step forward for Guillen-Campos would be for elected officials and all Californians to see firsthand the need for food in many communities. She adds, "We always wait for a disaster, but we're living one now that's being pushed aside."