Michael Turnipseed


Name:  Michael Turnipseed
Hometown:  Bakersfield
Profession:  Executive Director, Kern County Taxpayers Association

“Hello my name is Michael Turnipseed and my hope is for more people to become educated about what their local government does.”

Thanks to his parents, Michael Turnipseed isn’t afraid to ask tough questions.

“My dad always said—if you don’t play, you can’t complain,” says Turnipseed.

His mom and dad were both heavily involved in local city boards, and that’s why today, he uses his position as the Executive Director of the Kern County Taxpayers Association, to get things done.

“There are tremendous inefficiencies going on in local government, and I see it right here in Kern County.”

He wants to structurally change how the County Board of Supervisors conducts business. 

“Many of the things that are done now are so antiquated.”

Turnipseed says right now it takes nine months to fill a job in the county.  Jobs equal a better economy, so this must change.

Often, he’s the only non-government person at the Board of Supervisors meetings.  He’s vocal—he questions board members about the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of the current system. 

“Our elected leaders cannot be content with doing business the old way,” says Turnipseed.

He believes the biggest problem out there—how uneducated the public is about what its government is or isn’t getting done.

He is hopeful that with his involvement and two new board members his county will make some major advancements.