Raquel Beltran


Name:  Raquel Beltran
Hometown:  Los Angeles
Profession:  Executive Director League of Women Voters, Los Angeles

“Hello my name is Raquel Beltran, and my hope is that we give people the tools they need to make educated decisions at the polls. Only then will we see voter turnout increase significantly in the state.”

Raquel Beltran is passionate about what she does—providing information to people who want to learn more about the political process and helping them to make informed decisions at the polls.

In 2008, she became the Executive Director for the League of Women Voters of Los Angeles.

“We want people to be engaged,” says Beltran. “We don’t want them to be so disgruntled that they walk away from participating in democracy.  Engagement is pivotal to having a successful democracy in our country.”

With a big election year coming up, Beltran’s nonprofit, nonpartisan organization is busy giving people the tools needed at the polls:  telling them to pay attention to what their civic leaders are doing; attend meetings and hearings; and register to vote.

“There are six million people eligible to vote but not registered,” Beltran says. “We want to create an environment where people are participating in the election process; that it’s easy and not as time consuming, but that it’s also very important!”

Why is she so involved?  Her turning point came in the late 70’s when she worked for several elected officials.  The experience allowed her to see that government is accessible and that her opinions and concerns mattered.

“People are hungry for information. It’s my job to make sure we feed that hunger.  Voting—no matter what the outcome - has results whenever you participate.”