Ron Galperin


Name:  Ron Galperin
Hometown:  Los Angeles
Profession:  Attorney, Chair L.A.’s Revenue Efficiency Commission

“My name is Ron Galperin, and my mission is to reshape how government does business.  I know it’s a really tall order, but it can be done and it must be done.”

Ron Galperin doesn’t spend a lot of time thinking about obstacles to achieving his goals.  As an attorney and community leader, he uses his knowledge to spur change.

“Clearly people are used to doing things the way they’ve been done,” says Galperin.  “But the good thing about Californians is they’re open to new ideas and doing things in a new way, which gives us an opportunity to really be a leader for the rest of the country.”

He says our local and state governments need to act and think in new ways—innovatively and strategically—to look at our assets and see how they can be put to good use.

“We can reshape and transform the way government does business by having a sense of vision and really engaging everybody on every level,” says Galperin.

In fact, he’s very interested in finding a fix to L.A.’s financial problems. He helped launch an ad hoc commission for the city of L.A. called the Commission on Revenue Efficiency, to explore how city leaders can better use what they have to deliver more and better services to residents.

“Transparency and accountability—we have to hold every person on every level of government responsible for what they do,” stresses Galperin. “They are there to serve the public.”

Galperin says it’s also up to you in the community to get involved in finding solutions.

“If you’re open to seeing different sides of the same picture, then you can be open to finding solutions that nobody has looked at or thought about or pursued.”